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Welcome to Kingston Pike/Sequoyah Hills, one of Knoxville's most desirable residential communities. We are pleased to share our neighborhood with you through this website.

Our preparation will offer you information for various interests that you might have: history, architecture, ammenities, real estate investment and residence, as well as community organizations and other relative community events, news and developments.

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Sequoyah Hills Park Restroom Despite the snow, the restroom at Sequoyah Hills Park still offers a warm welcome to anyone out braving the cold.
Sequoyah Hills Park Restroom Snow covered yard from winter 2015.
Sequoyah Hills Park Restroom Talahi Park from winter 2015.
River Elm Sequoyah Hills Park was blanketed with snow in January 2013. Compare this photo to the last one in this sequence to see how it looks in the summer.
English Manor Sequoyah Hills is home to over 1,800 residents living in a variety of dwellings, from contemporary to traditional, both new and old construction.
Sequoyah Hills Fountain Cherokee Boulevard on a clear November afternoon. Cyclists, runners and walkers enjoy the park year-round.
Papoose Park in the Talahi District of Sequoyah Hills Picturesque Papoose Park can be found in the Talahi district of Sequoyah Hills.
Sequoyah Hills Homes Sequoyah Hills is home to some of Knoxville's oldest homes. Many homes were built in the 1920s (pictured), and the oldest dates back to the late 1800s.
Sequoyah Hills Park Take time to discover some of the oldest trees in Knoxville. This American River Elm is located in the Southwestern-most corner of Sequoyah Park.